Previous Designs

We are constrained here by our commitment to confidentiality and so will not mention any client by name. Projects completed in the last year include specifications, feasibility studies and project management for a global satellite communications system provider and board level designs for a manufacturer of RISC microprocessors and a company specialising in secure data transactions (high speed encryption engines). These involved:

Previous Electronic Designs

digital signal processing High performance digital signal and image processing computers
communications systems Specifications and design for next generation global satellite communications system
microcontroller based systems Microcontroller based systems
design of test instrumentation Test equipment
FPGA design FPGA based processor evaluation and ASIC emulation modules
multiprocessor system design Multiprocessor systems (2000 MIPs in a 3.5 inch disk drive site or half size PCI card)
     - (Winner of Datacomm magazine's Hot New product award in 1997)
digital control Digitally controlled bipolar class D driver for Peltier heat pumps
industrial control Various industrial control and monitoring system elements
electronic interface design Interface for a CCD camera
SDRAM controller Capture and image store controllers for three generations of high speed digital video camera
electronic controller Controller for a medical water purification system
broadcast video control Controller for a broadcast video switching and effects system
system interface Proprietary communications interface for industrial ink jet printers
microcontroller based systems Monitoring and control systems for laboratory equipment
FPGA based design Monitoring and control system for electron microscopes
PCI board PCI based frame grabber
PCIe board PCIe based four channel MIPI CSI-2 frame grabber
high reliability design Consulting for the wing ice protection system for the Boeing 787 'Dreamliner'
remotely operated vehicle A range of control and power supply boards for an underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV)
LED light power supply High power dimming LED light driver
BLDC motor controller Multiple BLDC motor control
Data logging Communications, command and control logging for shipping
Expert witness Expert opinion in patent dispute
display control Power supply and display controller for night vision goggles
microcontroller based systems Controller for a water mist fire protection system
interface design iPod / iPhone accessory
printer design Industrial ink jet printer
pump controller Pump controller for domestic hot water systems
IEPE amplifier 5 mm diameter IEPE amplifier for a range of miniature accelerometers
Belisha beacon controller Power supply and timing controllers for paired Belisha beacons
Bluetooth sensor Bluetooth connected, body worn respirable dust sensor

Previous Software Designs

user interface software Host PC running windows based user interface software controlling PCI / PCIe cards
real time software Real time machine control and monitoring
remote monitoring and tracking Remote system monitoring and tracking
audio signal processing 'Soft' modem for subliminal digital surveillance of a large scale public address system
audio signal processing Audio filtering and mixing for broadcast radio suites
embedded control systems Control systems utilising PID loops for motor speed control, temperature control etc.
production test software System production test suites - processor(s), memory, peripheral and I/O test and report
driver development Drivers for displays, inter-processor communications, I/O controllers etc.
embedded software Embedded software to allow a DVD recorder to be controlled from a touch screen interface
embedded software Embedded software in C and C++ for many of the electronic design projects mentioned above

Some of these examples combined to form a complete system solution, for more details on some of these projects please follow the links on the left.